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I am a research freak.  When we first got physical custody of Willow I started researching every possible thing I coud about Grandparents raising Grandchildren. At first it was the legal aspect.  It was so hard not having legal custody, knowing that at anytime one of her birth parents, neither sober nor sane at the time, could come in and just take her away.

Now that we have full legal custody my searches have changed.
I am very concerned with the emotional and psychological issues associated with grandparents raising grandchildren.  
Believe it or not, I have found there is very little 
information on this topic.
I want to know the best way to help Wee One feel loved and secure.
I want to know how to explain to her why  she is being raised by us instead of BM and BF.
I want to do everything I can to give this little love 
every advantagefor a happy and productive life.
So.... Hopefully some of these will make your research a little easier.
I wish there was more
 beneficial information here, but it is a start.
I will continue to post what I find that might be of 
interest or of help to someone. 

Hey!  Did you know...
More than 1 million grandparents are taking on the responsibility of raising their grandchildren?  You may feel like you are alone in this journey-- but you are not!! We need to support and encourage each other!

  • STATE FACT SHEETS - AARPEach state fact sheet includes state-specific data and helpful links such as:
    -Census Data
    -Local programs and resources
    -Foster care policies and Services
    -Public benefits and financial assistance
    -State laws 

Please don't look at me that way.

I guess I have always been a pretty open minded person.
Don't get me wrong, I have my moments of being judgmental, "holier than thou", and moments when I should be tugging at the log in my own eye instead of pointing out the twig in theirs.  
But I have been through a lot in my life and I know that on days when I am not at my best because of some trauma (or drama??) or pain that has presented itself, I appreciate the grace that the smile a person I have been crabby with gives.  

Since my kids were little, when they would complain to me about how mean a teacher had been, or how rude a friend was being, 
I would say, 
                      "Well, maybe their dog died." 
Now you may be asking yourself, why would she say that?  
Let me put it simply for you....
                            Life is hard, and life just happens.  
Yep.  That's all I have for you, but it pretty much sums it up, right?

You never know if that lady that cuts in front of you in line at the store is just distracted because she recently found out she was losing her job, 

or the person that loses their temper with you over something that seems silly has a husband that was just diagnosed with cancer, 

or the teacher that is being short tempered has just had to put her dog to sleep after 15 years...  you just never know.  
                           Life is hard, and life just all of us.  

I need this grace more than anyone.
I am often wrapped up in my own little world, worried and and overwhelmed, just trying to make it through the day.  
I may not notice that I cut in front of you--  I'm sorry.  
I may not even notice you at all.  
                                        I am sorry. 
My head is busy trying to rationalize what my heart is feeling, and sometimes that takes all I have.

This is not an excuse for rude people, what it is 
              is an excuse for people that don't mean to be rude.  
We all have our moments, so please, smile at the man that frowns at you, pray for that teacher that has been losing her temper, and try to remember...
                I don't mean to be rude- It's just that  life is hard, and sometimes it just happens.  

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