Notice anything different?

wee one and papa
Wee One and Papa...I LOVE how she always grabs his ears to kiss him!

Okay, I know I am not great at blogging regularly, but THIS TIME I have an excuse!!

I have been working on moving my blog from my last host to Blogger.  

Let me tell you...This is not an easy deal.  
It took a lot more time than I had thought it would.  It didn't help that I had at first decided to go with WordPress, but after moving most of my blog over, I found out that I had very little control over the hosted version of it.  
I don't like that.  
I like to be in control.

Sooo.... on to Blogger.  Hopefully this will make my blogging a bit easier and my life somewhat happier (Only because in at least one area of my life - I will be in control!! Well, sort of.)  

Sadly, all of the comments made by any of you that might follow my blog or actually read anything I write, are gone.  I really appreciate all of the input and support you have given me through your comments.  Please, leave me some love if you get around to it!  (It makes me feel a little less alone out here in the great www)



  1. You are one brave grandma moving your blog. I've considered it many times because I can't to comment threading on mine (replying directly to each comment) but I'm too scared. I admire your online derring-do. Good job!

    1. Hi Lisa, I'm not sure if I am brave...or crazy! It was a pain! I'm glad it's done :) (And I'm glad I am able to reply directly to you! I didn't even think about that being an issue...just an added bonus from my move!)

  2. Moving a blog or any website is always a nightmare! Congrats on simply surviving it!

  3. Just found you! Yes you are brave for moving your blog. That picture is adorable of pap receiving his kiss! Following you on Pinterst :)

    1. Hi Connie - Thanks for stopping by! I love that photo, too :) And thanks for following me on Pinterest. I am working on moving my many, many pins from my personal Pinterest to my Willow's Grammie one.... watch out!


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